The graphical user interface paradigm used by websites today was initially developed in the 1990s before technology was advanced enough to communicate with people naturally. As a result GUI widgets were developed as crude replacements for human dialog. Our technology has evolved to a point where these crude tools can be replaced with intuitive systems able to interact using natural human dialog.

Here are some examples demonstrating how AI-powered conversational interfaces unlock simple yet powerful interactions. Each can be carried out via text, voice, or both:




What time is the Audi service department open this weekend?
AI: Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-4. Would you like me to make you an appointment?
Yes, early as possible on Saturday.
AI: The first opening is at 10:30 AM.
Great, I'll take it.

This simple interaction demonstrates the importance of multi-turn conversations for accomplishing tasks. The natural UI eliminates the need for browsing, apps, links, and other distracting concepts. With Conversational AI, a user is able to communicate naturally through either voice or text to get things done.


I need a new flat screen.
AI: Do you want to get the same one as you got last time?
No, I was thinking of something bigger like a 65 inch.
AI: The new flat screens offer a higher resolution called 4K, which are more expensive but offer a better picture if you have 4K content. Are you interested in these or do you want to go with current 1080p?
How much more are they?
AI: For a 65 inch they are about $300 more.
Yeah, forget that. Let’s look at the 1080p versions.
AI: So here are three 65 inch flat screens that get good reviews and have all the I/O you need to hook up your game and entertainment equipment. They start at $900 and go to $1200.
What do you get for the extra money?
AI: Several additional I/O ports.
Ok, let’s get the one for $900 in black.
AI: Ok, the shipping is free with your Prime account. It will arrive at your house on Wednesday.
Awesome, thanks.


I need a hotel in San Francisco next week.
AI: What are the dates you want to go?
Next Monday through Thursday.
AI: Do you need to rent a car? I don't see a reservation.
No, taking BART and Uber.
AI: In that case, stay in SoMa since your meetings are all in that area. What’s the budget?
Probably like $400 a night.
AI: The W gets good reviews from other software developers on TripAdvisor and has a promotion for $369/night.
Ok, book it.
AI: All set, I have you booked into a deluxe king bed room from Monday the 1st through Thursday the 4th. Your Starwood number has been linked to the reservation and I charged it to your corporate credit card.

Our conversational AI will also remember things you’ve done before so it can draw on context to provide a more efficient experience each time:

I need to go back to SF next week.
AI: The W is available for less than $400, do you want to stay there again?
Yes that works.


When is my mom visiting?
AI: Looks like the weekend of January 17-19.
Really? That can’t be right. Isn’t that the same weekend as my trip to New York?
AI: Your calendar does show you traveling to New York that same weekend.
Okay, I know she’s coming the same weekend as Mary’s baby shower.
AI: Mary’s baby shower is on January 25.
Okay, move my mother’s visit to that weekend.
AI: Your mother’s visit is now scheduled for January 24-26.
Great. Remind me to set up the guest bedroom for her the day before she gets here.
AI: Okay, I set a reminder.


Can you get me a table at O Ya tomorrow at 7?
AI: How many?
Four of us.
AI: Sorry, theres nothing at 7 PM. They have an opening at 10 PM.
Ugh, thats sort of late. What about Oishii?
AI: Oishii has an opening at 9:30 PM.
Can you email Brooke, Mike and Liz and ask if 9:30 is too late?
AI: OK, email sent.
AI: Liz says it's fine.
OK, let's book the table at Oishii.
AI: OK, all set for 4 people at 9:30 PM.

Some time later...

You know what, just take the O Ya one at 10 PM.
AI: Ok, O Ya is booked at 10 PM for 4 people and I cancelled the reservation at Oishii.


I’m trying to remember the name of an actor. He was in Forrest Gump, and I think the movie Armageddon as well.
AI: I couldn’t find any actors that starred in both of those movies. Can you tell me anything more about this actor?
Hmm, I’m sure he was in Forrest Gump. Who was in that movie again?
AI: Forrest Gump starred Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, and Sally Field.
Maybe it was Gary Sinise. Was he in any other movies about space?
AI: Yes, Gary Sinise also starred in Apollo 13.
That’s right! With Tom Hanks again. Have they been in any other movies together?
AI: Yes, he was also in The Green Mile with Tom Hanks.


How the heck do I make a graph comparing this year's sales to last year's?
AI: I can help. Highlight the cells with last year's sales data.
AI: Now highlight the cells with this year's sales data.
AI: Where do you want the result to go?
Actually, I want it to go into the slide deck I’m working on.
AI: Ok, show me where in the slide deck you want it to go.
Right here. And I want it to update if I change the spreadsheet.
AI: Ok, all set. Does this look the way you want it?
Oh wow, that's perfect!


AI: Excuse me Dan, you have a direct message on Slack from Jesse who is asking if you can take a look at the attached job description. Want to hear it or wait until you're done driving?
What's it say?
AI: The attachment says Software Engineer, must have 3-5 years experience working on mobile interfaces...
Change the part where it says 3-5 years experience to 5 years. Read it back from there.
AI: ...must have 5 years...
Oh, wait, also that part about mobile interfaces, change it to human-computer interaction. Now read it back.
AI: ...must have 5 years experience working on human-computer interaction...