AI Trainer

part time // work from home // flexible hours



Semantic Machines is a tech startup founded by a proven group of scientists, engineers, and researchers. We are focused on human-computer interaction and conversational AI. We’re looking for smart, friendly, and thoughtful people to join our team. This is a part time, remote position with flexible hours ranging from 5 to 15 hrs/week.


You’ll be joining our Demonstrator team, where you will:

  • Help train an AI system to improve its capabilities and its understanding of natural language

  • Craft dialogs using a mix of logical thinking and freeform writing

  • Assist with various data cleansing tasks

Skills & Qualifications

We are looking for folks who:

  • Obsess over details

  • Know how to read closely and carefully

  • Are interested in technology and data

  • Aren’t afraid to try new things and ask questions along the way

  • Are interested in or have any experience with computer programming*

  • Have some experience with remote work


*Knowing how to code is not at all a requirement, but genuine interest or experience is helpful. 


We’ll send you everything you need for the job. Our team uses Sharepoint, Slack, and Jira to communicate and work on projects. 

Trainer Quiz

Please complete this quiz as part of your application. It’ll give you a feel for the type of work you’ll be doing as an demonstrator.

Getting Started

To apply, please complete the quiz above and submit your results. Send your resume and your availability to